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1999-2001 A Form of Space – various locations including Brighton Festival; Camberwell Green; Horse Workshop,Hidden Art Hackney.

2001   Fete – ‘Variety Acts’ – Artichoke Place, Festival of live art, performance and art exchange.

2002   Itinerary – 5 interrelated performances – Riverside Studios (Hammersmith), Lucas Gardens (Camberwell), Froebel College (Roehampton)

2002   Impress – collaboration CAW, South London Gallery, Print Archive & Counterprint: Camberwell College of Art

2003   Flotation – ‘It’s a circus’. Camberwell Arts, Camberwell Public Swimming Baths, London

2003   Research Visit, Mexico City, Roma District

2003   London Artists Book Fair, ICA

2003-2006               2007-2010               2011-            done & dusted

 FoodFace 2 @ Area10 Project Space 2003

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