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2007  PAVILION & Pavilionesque – Tbilisi, Georgia & Peckham, London

2007   Sports Day – Grunts for the Arts, Hackney Marshes, North London

2007   Sports Day 2 – Grunts for the Arts, Burgess Park, South London

2007   Meme the Opera – Tower Bridge Business, BAG off-site project

2007   The Artists’ United? – Socially Engaged Art, AIR Anniversary Talk, Beaconsfield Project Space

2008  CARNY TOWN part of exhibition & performance curated by Space Station 65, Portman Gallery

2008  Laughing Bear & Urban Bear Research Centre – various locations; Spitalfields Festival;

              Shunt Vaults; Portman Gallery; Hamra, Beirut Street Festival.

2008  Spiritual Promises of Lost Prophets – collaboration cosmicmegabrain, Beirut, Lebanon

2008  Leap in a Void – Beirut, Cordy House, Curtain Road, London

2008  SMILE MORE PLEASE collaboration Persepolis & Consume Peckham.

2008  Guantanamo Trifle, Axis of Evil Trifle & Urban Bear Research Centre

2008  Grunts for the Arts – collaboration with Rational Rec

2008  Laugh Now, Smile More, Cry Less – Space Station 65, Istanbul, Beirut, Liverpool, London

2008  Politically-engaged Art – part of debate on Socially-engaged Art, NWN & Sacred Festival

2009   Laughing Tea & Barricada – CGP

2009   Basecampment – collaboration NWN, Space Station 65 & CLAD: NRLA, Glasgow

2009   Night Shift Drift – collaboration Simon Bayly, Cecila Wee @ PS15 : Zagreb, Croatia

2009   Bun shh sh House – Mobile Conference, off-site project Tate Triennial, Peckham Space & Field Projects

2009   Urban Bear Research Centre – Pie Roulette, Black & Blue Barricada, Pain & Circuses.

2009   This Happy Band – collaboration Daniel Lehan et al: Nunhead Green

2009   Urban Bear Life Recipe no5 – part of conference on Art & Education, Portman Gallery

2009  Hu(m)bell(oh) Pie – The Hub, Wunderbar Festival, Newcastle

2010   Hectoring and Laughture with Don’t Care Bear – with Dean Kenning @ Swedenborg Hall

2010    Les Animaux Tondues – part of Scapegoat: Shonibare Guest Project Space

2010   This is not the NRLA – Glasgow CCA, Arches & various locations

2010   This Happy Band in Margate – part of Dead Season Live Art, Limbo Arts, Margate

2010    Foutainheads of Laughter – Peckham Square and Field Projects, Swedenborg Hall, & Roehampton

2010    Dis(ur)Topia – Late at Tate, Tate Britain part of ‘Shards of Utopia’

2010    Laughing Bear invites This Happy Band to Brixton, Brixton Village Market

2010    CGTV on Museum TV Station – PS2 Project Space, Belfast

2010    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly with Happy Band – Be your Guide, Camberwell College Art

2010    Stuart Sherman’s Hamlet – Part of Robin Deacon’s Being Stuart Sherman. – Chelsea Theatre

2010   I Love the New Cross – Window 133, Montague Arms, NewCrosstival with This Happy Band

1999-2002                       2003-2006                     2011-                      current

Shibboleth the Show, 55 artists, 21 days, 15 performances and a mini opera. Dilston Grove, CGP


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