2011 – 2013

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2011    The cat came as a tomato – Daniel Lehan & This Happy Band @ South London Gallery

2011    Spiegelgasse no 1 to 14 – part of There There English Dada, Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich

2011    AAC weekender – Common Art Posters – Camberwell College of Art

2011   If not, then what? GFA project & Comm(o)nist gallery: Chelsea Programme

2011   Comm(o)nist Gallery – Brixton Village Market; various events.

2011   Dilston Grows part of Concretum – BAG show, Dilston Grove

2011   Alternative Art Map for South London collaboration A3 & Nunhead Art Festival

2011   CGTV Utrecht Festival AdWerf & Zurich, Cabaret Voltaire.

2011   Comm(o)nist Gallery at The Toilet Gallery, Kingston

2011   Green Plot collaboration with Comm(o)nist Gallery et al, Camberwell Green

2011   Comm(o)nist Gallery – Hungarian student exchange with Ana Laura de la Lopez Torre

2011  This Happy Band – Opening Bermondsey Lion, The Blue, Bermondsey.

2012   Haemogoblin Society, the opera – collaboration Mikey Georgeson & Andrew Cooper

2012  The Commonist Gallery Comes to Hastings – The Underground and streets

2012  CGTV in Leeds – East Street Arts and Performance Studies International

2012  Un/Bearable end – The Montague Arms

2012  CGTV – ‘The communist gallery has gone conceptual’ at Nunhead Festival

2013  DeCentreDer Space – Opening events, Word-Objects and mini-residency programme

2013  The Haemogoblin Society – Opera Premiered Marseille MP2013 OFF & at Supernormal

present projects to be added to – or see current projects

Laughing Bear invites this Happy Band to Brixton Village Market. (May 2010)


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