creative collaborations since 2004:

CGTV with Artist Andrew Cooper

Haemogoblin Society (Andrew Cooper & Mikey Georgeson)

Cafe Gallery Projects

Grunts for the Arts (with Cecila Wee & Tim Jeeves)

Urban Bear Research Centre 

A3 – Daniel Lehan


Rational REC (with Paul B. Davis & Emma Hart)

Space Station 65

Consume Peckham (with Persepolis)

Tram Foundation (Artist Helena Bryant & Ana Riaboshenko)

Museum TV Station   (Artist Lado Darakhvelidze)


Frog Morris Productions

This Happy Band (Daniel Lehan)

Camberwell Arts (Bath Night)

Cecilia Wee (Shards of Utopia)

Area10 (& Peckham Square)

Comments for Subscribers

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