The Haemogoblin Society

Musical Theatre meets Bedroom Opera:

This bedroom opera is a collectively evolved musical performance exploring: current dispossession, murder, trauma and sexual jealousy. ‘The Haemogoblin Society’, formed from a rich combination of disciplines; created from musical, theatrical and artistic practices, presented as a new form of music hall-opera. For this new project multidisciplinary artists Andrew Cooper, Mikey Georgeson and Charlie Fox worked collectively for over 2 years to create the music, settings and scenario.

The premiere of ‘The Haemogoblin Society’ took place in Marseille as an intervention into Marseille-Provence 2013 (European Capital of Culture) on 13 April 2013 and was later performed at Supernormal Festival, Braziers (August 2013). Fragments from the opera have been performed elsewhere and we continue to develop the narrative. Created with the support of counterproductions, Juxtapoz Atelier, Supernormal and the artists, Georgeson, Fox and Cooper. For more information about project see decentrederspace here


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