counterproductions publications:






Shibboleth the Show, exhibition catalogue, counterproductions 2006

In the Event of Laughter; performing, situating and recuperating laughter’s (after) affects. abbreviated text counterproductions 2011

The Laughing Star, UBRC Newspaper counterproductions,  2009

Your Smile, Laugh Now, Cry Less (Poster set) 2007/8 counterproductions, consume peckham, cosmicmegabrain & space station 65 2008          YOUSMILE

Itinerary 1-5 – limited edition artist/performative publication, counterproductions 2004

Urban Bear Research pamphlets 2008-2012 1. Laughing Bear Experiments Spitalfields Festival 2008 2. Manners make(the) Hu/man, The Animal Fair Camberwell Arts 2010

Shibboleth the Poster ed. Charlie Fox & Neil Drabble counterproductions 2006

‘FoodFace/FaceFood’ Newspaper (2003-2005) 7 issues of Foodface newspaper

A Form of Space, counterproductions, limited edition artist book. 1999

‘What’s a Happening?’ published as part of Formless Space, counterprint 1996/8

‘Beauty?’  collaborative artist book with artist Mark Graver, Camberwell College of Art 1995

Blue Notebook no. 1, Incidents by Danil Kharms, translated G. Gibian, Downhill Press 1993


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Collaborative Publications:

SLAAM – mapping and honouring. ed. Charlie Fox & Rosalie Schweiker

Citizen Journalism – The Practice of Everyday Life – ed. Lado Darakhvelidze, MTVS & Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

DIY CGTV: Building booths and counterculture – published ESA/CGTV 2012

Communist Gallery Magazine, Collected Artists – ed. Kate Renwick and Andrew Cooper  2011

Alternative Art Map for South London – A3 artist broadsheet, published by Daniel Lehan 2011

Art for all our Streets Now. – A3 artist broadsheet, published by Daniel Lehan 2010/11

Other Related Publications:

Performance Publications:

Fox, Charlie (2013) ‘An avant garde falling.’ Performance Research, vol. 18, no. 4, Autumn 2013 PerformanceResearchText

Fox, Charlie (2010) ‘Tripping toward the Light Fantastic; afterwords on Jane Watt’s AIR commission’ – ArchwayInvestigationResearch publication 2010

Fox, Charlie (2010) In the Event of Laughter; performing, situating and recuperating laughter’s (after) affects. Unpublished PhD Thesis

Fox, Charlie (2012) ‘Performance Enhancements and Permissions.’ Compass Live Art publication.

Fox, Charlie (2010) ‘A Culture of Revolt: Misreading laughter’s revenge?’ MISperformance Performance Research, vol. 15, no. 2, June 2010

Fox, Charlie (2010) ‘Tripping toward the Light Fantastic; afterwords on Jane Watt’s AIR commission’ – ArchwayInvestigationResearch publication 2010

Fox, Charlie (2010) In the Event of Laughter; performing, situating and recuperating laughter’s (after) affects. Unpublished PhD Thesis

Wee, Cecilia ed. (2010) ‘Dis(Ur)topia – State of Corporeal.’ UBRC in Shards of Utopia. Late Tate Britain, April 2010

James Buso ed. (2009) ‘The Winner Takes it All?’ Responses to Liverpool European Capital of Culture. Royal Standard & NAN

Fox, Charlie (2006) ‘The Event of Shibboleth’ in Shibboleth the Show, Dilston Grove CGP & counterproductions.

Other Critical Writing, Papers & Performance Lectures

Fox, Charlie (2012) ‘Performance Matters not a lot: towards cultural disvalue, and disfunctionality.’ PSi18 Leeds June 2012

Fox, Charlie (2012) ‘Making the ‘O” in Common Manifest’. MTVS broadcasts, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

Fox, Charlie (2012) ‘A Dysfunctional collectivity: the illusion of artistic freedom beside its potential to labour against…’(counterproductions/CGTV), Giant Step 1, Bari, Italy

Fox, Charlie (2012)  ‘An indivisible commonality? Re-constructing the common,’ tbp.

Fox, Charlie (2011) ‘Despite myself: Or why I am a political artist,’ part of Politics of Access. Compass Live Art workshop/talk, Leeds, UK

Fox, Charlie (2011)  CGTV on MTVS – performance strategies, collectivity and Comm(o)nist Gallery, MTVS broadcast, Arsenale Gallery, Bialystok, Poland

Comm(o)nist Gallery (2011) ‘Artaud: a plague on all our tongues’: performative lecture excerpts and exstreams from Artaud’s Thinking. The Really Free School, London

Fox, Charlie (2011) ‘In theory and in practice: Archival returns (on)to memory’ paper for PSi 17, Camillo; Technology, Memory, Experience, Utrecht

Cooper, A & Fox, C (2010) ‘The Comm(u)nist Gallery A Rhymethick Man(he)FesTo for 2011’, MTVS broadcast, Ps2 Belfast.

Fox, Charlie (2010) ‘Scapegoat, a Georgian interlude’. Panel speaker, Guest Project Space Gallery, London.

Fox, Charlie (2010) ‘Comm(o)nist Gallery TV: a space for imagined alternatives.’ Performance Lecture with Andrew Cooper at Sacred Live Art 2010/US Radical, Chelsea Theatre, part of symposium A make believe world.

Fox, Charlie (2009) ‘Residual Knowledge: Laughter’s Shit’ – presentation at Zombomodernism; the ends of practice as research. Central School of Speech and Drama

Fox, Charlie (2009) ‘Police and Violence’, Performance Lecture, Sassoon Gallery

Chair panel (2009) ‘Pranks, Misdemeanors and Terrorist Acts 2’, PSi 15 Zagreb, Croatia

Fox, Charlie (2009) ‘Same Old: Laughter Revenge?’ PSi15 MisPerformance, Zagreb.

Fox, Charlie (2008) ‘Becoming Munkanite – Two hours of Dynamite.’ Reactor at Donau Festival, Krems –

Fox, Charlie (2008)  ‘States of Stupidity: Laughter works?’ Paper at Performance Studies International 14, Copenhagen.

Lois Clapham, R.,  Fox, C. & O’Reilly S, (2008) Socially-engaged practices – Forum Provocateurs, NewWorkNetwork online dialogues, public debate at Chelsea Theatre.

Fox, Charlie (2007)  ‘Networking – the artist without the studio’ – a-n publication

Fox, Charlie (2007)  ‘The Artists’ United – Socially engaged practice.’ AIR Anniversary Talk, Beaconsfield Project Space, London

Fox, Charlie (2006) ‘PlayActs; Subtle Humour Works’. From the Event of Laughter, at Centre for European Theatre Research, Roehampton University.

Fox, Charlie (2006)  ‘Market gardening: Artist Responses to Art Market’, a-n magazine

Fox, Charlie (2006) ‘Networking – the artist without the studio’,  a-n collections: impact of networking

Selected Critical Writing, Articles & Reviews:

Read Articles

Norwood, Tamarin (2008) ‘Carny Town’. Portman Gallery/SS65 catalogue essay.

Morrison, Angeline (2006) ‘Say ‘Now’ Shibboleth’. Catalogue Essay.

O’Brien, Mark (2011)  Compass Festival: Live Art in Leeds

Strengell, Varpu (2005)  ‘Koli is one whole artwork for Charlie Fox’ trans. Rikke Lisa, Vaarojen Sanomat 26/7/2005

Kallio, Lotta (2005)  ‘Four Artists, only one resident…’ trans. Rikke Lisa, Lieksan Lehti.

Anderson, Jim (2004) ‘Heroes and Villain’s. Printmaking Today, Autumn 2004

Fox, Charlie (1995) ‘Into the Light; Poems into Print.’ Workshop and talk at the Poetry Society, London.

Smith, Andrew (1995) Harlech International Print Open. Catalogue 1994



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