counterproductions publications:






Shibboleth the Show, exhibition catalogue, counterproductions 2006

In the Event of Laughter; performing, situating and recuperating laughter’s (after) affects. abbreviated text counterproductions 2011

The Laughing Star, UBRC Newspaper counterproductions,  2009

Your Smile, Laugh Now, Cry Less (Poster set) 2007/8 counterproductions, consume peckham, cosmicmegabrain & space station 65 2008          YOUSMILE

Itinerary 1-5 – limited edition artist/performative publication, counterproductions 2004

Urban Bear Research pamphlets 2008-2012 1. Laughing Bear Experiments Spitalfields Festival 2008 2. Manners make(the) Hu/man, The Animal Fair Camberwell Arts 2010

Shibboleth the Poster ed. Charlie Fox & Neil Drabble counterproductions 2006

‘FoodFace/FaceFood’ Newspaper (2003-2005) 7 issues of Foodface newspaper

A Form of Space, counterproductions, limited edition artist book. 1999

‘What’s a Happening?’ published as part of Formless Space, counterprint 1996/8

‘Beauty?’  collaborative artist book with artist Mark Graver, Camberwell College of Art 1995

Blue Notebook no. 1, Incidents by Danil Kharms, translated G. Gibian, Downhill Press 1993


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Collaborative Publications:

SLAAM – mapping and honouring. ed. Charlie Fox & Rosalie Schweiker

Citizen Journalism – The Practice of Everyday Life – ed. Lado Darakhvelidze, MTVS & Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

DIY CGTV: Building booths and counterculture – published ESA/CGTV 2012

Communist Gallery Magazine, Collected Artists – ed. Kate Renwick and Andrew Cooper  2011

Alternative Art Map for South London – A3 artist broadsheet, published by Daniel Lehan 2011

Art for all our Streets Now. – A3 artist broadsheet, published by Daniel Lehan 2010/11

Other Related Research Publications HERE:

Selected Critical Writing, Articles & Reviews:

Read Articles

Norwood, Tamarin (2008) ‘Carny Town’. Portman Gallery/SS65 catalogue essay.

Morrison, Angeline (2006) ‘Say ‘Now’ Shibboleth’. Catalogue Essay.

O’Brien, Mark (2011)  Compass Festival: Live Art in Leeds

Strengell, Varpu (2005)  ‘Koli is one whole artwork for Charlie Fox’ trans. Rikke Lisa, Vaarojen Sanomat 26/7/2005

Kallio, Lotta (2005)  ‘Four Artists, only one resident…’ trans. Rikke Lisa, Lieksan Lehti.

Anderson, Jim (2004) ‘Heroes and Villain’s. Printmaking Today, Autumn 2004

Fox, Charlie (1995) ‘Into the Light; Poems into Print.’ Workshop and talk at the Poetry Society, London.

Smith, Andrew (1995) Harlech International Print Open. Catalogue 1994


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