New Work Network

Networking Support for Artists

New Work Network will exist as a ‘community’ to expose, investigate, profile and share ideas and knowledge regarding pioneering arts practices (historic & contemporary) and the significant roles they play within society (past, present & future) and to encourage dialogue and activity across generations around the sustainability, custodianship and legacy of these practices and works.
By pioneering arts practices we mean experimental, interdisciplinary and boundary-breaking practices which may include fine-art based performance, new media, live art, experimental dance, site-specific work, sonic art, moving image, sci-art and socially engaged practice among others.
NWN will do this by:
– Uncovering, profiling and sharing knowledge and ideas regarding obscured and seminal practices and providing opportunities for these to be reconsidered
– Creating opportunities to share ideas, skills and experience across generations, disciplines and areas and generating opportunities for the development of these practices through exchanges, residencies, training, bursaries etc.
– Strengthening partnerships and developing opportunities for exchange with research institutions and other organizations interested in these practices
– Initiating formal and informal learning around the social circumstances, philosophies, concepts and ideologies at the core of these art practices for diverse audiences
– Exploring new models of dialogue and exchange to encourage alternative ways of thinking across disciplines and generations
– Developing innovative models (on and offline) for collecting and sharing the history and living memory of these practices to provide an accessible legacy for the future
– Advocating for the need to support pioneering arts practices and their role within society and developing a critical mass to ensure their future

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