For Group Films

Sample 1: Laughing Bear on MTVS, Tbilisi.

Sample 2: Laughing in Peckham Square.

Sample 3: Koba as Laughing Bear in Freedom Square

Sample 4: Artaudada

Sample 5: Spiegelgasse CGTV film 2011

Sample 6: Overtime/UnderTide – Rope Drag Act/s 2014

Overtime/UnderTide2 – Whale Oiled Drag/ry 2014

Sample 7: Laughing Bear at The Montague Arms

Sample 8: This is not the NRLA, Glasgow

Sample 9: This Happy Band, Kieff & Laughing Bear May Day, Brixton

Sample 10: Fountainheads of Laughter.

Sample 11: Les animaux tondues

Sample 12: Laughing Bear on Hamra Street

Sample 13: There There School of English Dada – Cabaret Voltaire

Sample 14: counterproductions.slides 2009-2011 

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