counterproductions current projects include:

IMG_1335 copy21stC Beautification Committee (2018-2019), Southwark/Lambeth, London

Following investigations into the original Beautification Committee (Bermondsey & Rotherhithe) and a number of on the ground mapping walks and workshops counterproductions proposes a new committee for the 21C – to spread the urban canopy.




ArunMask copy InspiralLondon Associate Artist Programme, London Metropole & International Links (2016-2019)

Developing and broadening artistic approaches to experiencing and being in the city – counterproductions supports InspiralLondon CIC activities and the work of a number of extraordinary associate artists. For Latest activity including all walking art festivals  here





IMG_0765 copySupernormal SuperSensory Summer School Sanctum 2017, London & Braziers, Oxfordshire 2016-2017

SSSSS invited festival goers to participate in a host of ‘SuperSensory Encounters’ that drew inspiration from Braziers and other 20thC counterculture. During the festival a programme of talks, improvised performance and participatory making: creating together a temporary sanctuary space for other encounters.




IMG_9011The Cynics of Rajasthan, New Delhi & State of Rajasthan, India 2016-17.

100 plus portraits of street dogs, ‘free-ranging urban dogs’ and feral urchins – as the original street philosophers and inspiration for Diogenes’ cynical practice. This project is in development with partner organisations in North India. Supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company and funded by counterprint ltd.

 Super Sensory Summer School. London & Braziers, Oxfordshire 2015-2016

counterproductions is part of a Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School collaboration taking place in various locations and culminating in a second incarnation at Supernormal Festival 2016: Animal Spirit Opera in a Woodhenge, and workshops, performances and experiments with a number of invited artists/artist groups see: Supernormal 2016





Inspiral London from a centre of London towards Gravesend. 

counterproductions leads artist-led project to create and map a spiraling walk from Kings Cross to Gravesend; unwinding in increasingly expansive curves to curl through London six times to finally come to rest at Gravesend. See for a rough route of walk segments. To read more



Athens.Tree.thumbFurther investigation and international interventions

Athens, Copenhagen,Gravesend and Braziers (Oxfordshire)

counterproductions contributed a watery walking scape with soundcamp to PSI #21 Fluid states North Atlantic. And following further walk related investigations through Gravesend, Oxfordshire and Athens continues to build internationalist educational links through experimental institutions such as SSSSS, and Green Cafe Collective.





Overtime January 2014 – November 2014 Enderby Wharf and Thames Foreshore.

counterproductions was invited by curator/artist Anne Robinson to make work responding to the foreshore around Enderby Wharf, Greenwich. Particularly to make durational work for 5 hours in situ that interrogated the ideas buried within “overtime”. Public works and exhibitions through October 2014.





Detours 2 London from  April 2014 – ongoing.

Detours 2 is a artist-led walking project to map an urban and semi-urban walking trail through London: an ambitious public art project that hacks into existing footpaths and ways (such as London Circle, London Loop, the Thames Pathway, Green Chain etc.).




Marseille January 2013 – 2014 DeCentreDer Space – in an Other Capital of(f) Culture.

DeCentreDer Space is a miniaturized experimental cultural centre as artist project space, both as site and context, for encounters with another public: including a mini- residency programme, artist research platform, performances and theatrical events.

counterproductions  invited 10 artists/artist groups to share the space of Culture/Art De Centre Der  – in an Other Capital of(f) Culture (Provence-Marseille 2013) for more information

Opera.thumbnailThe Haemogoblin Society. Bedroom Opera

an uncanny and unsettling collaboration between performers, artists, musicians Andrew Cooper, Charlie Fox & Mikey Georgeson. Haemogoblin reveals an everyday tragedy, a bedroom opera-tale where events really can become too late, late, late…

Performed at Supernormal, Braziers, Oxfordshire, August 2013

Project originally supported by Atelier Juxtapoz, Marseille. 13 April MP 2013. For more information

Ongoing Work with The Comm(o)nist Gallery and CGTV. Whose Unconscious? Our Unconscious! Whose Subjectivity? Our Subjectivity!
Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd FEBRUARY 2014
The Union Bar, Hastings
57 Cambridge Rd, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1EL

We welcome short statements about how you see the social function of art.

Comm(o)nist Gallery was in Leeds, June 25 – July 2, 2013 Comm(o)nist Gallery in Leeds Market

The Commonist Gallery went to Hastings March 3 2012 and returned in November 2013. The CGTV was also at Nunhead Open and is working on further events and interventions.

We welcome further – responses to the current political economic, social and psychic circumstances: in the form of 1min -1.30 min films for CGTV film reel, to be shown in the viewing booths in the street and in selected interventions. Or Copies of Posters printed to A4 or A3 which will be put up in the street, city centres and by the CGTV booth. Please contact




Word-Art International Exchange/Cardboards with Artist Daniel Lehan. (photo: If work is life, what is life?)

Critical Writing Project:

Ongoing writing project that explores contemporary aspects of art’s value,  while interrogating the notion of art as an another, specialised form of cultural/social intervention into the everyday. link


Alternative Art Map for South London

Ongoing research into alternative performance and artistic culture based in South London, represented by  hidden, repressed or forgotten artists or artist groups who contributed to a thriving cultural landscape  often in the teeth of official/current artistic establishment or practice.


MeetSLAAAM.1.smallSLAAM with artist Rosalie Schweiker & Daniel Lehan +

(South London Alternative Art Map) is a drinking society to celebrate off the map artists and the places where they work or worked.

Gatherings take place every last Friday of the month at 8pm.

For latest SLAAM location contact:



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