Cafe Gallery Projects


CGP London is an artist led initiative providing exhibitions of contemporary art, at two venues in Southwark Park. Cafe Gallery is a modern purpose- built space comprising three interlinked ‘white room’ spaces and a patio garden. Dilston Grove is a Grade II Listed building providing a cavernous raw space for large scale installations and performance, a reception area and learning space. Southwark Park is London’s oldest Metropolitan park and boasts a lake, bandstand, tennis courts, wildlife walk, bowling green, children’s playground and cafe.

Since our foundation by the Bermondsey Artists’ Group in 1984, community integration and inclusiveness has been central to the values of CGP London. We believe in the benefit of creative expression and positive contact with the arts. During this time, a fully evolved learning programme has developed, to encompass shifting demographics, the interests of local people and the changing ways that artists work with audiences. The Bermondsey Artists’ Group is a registered educational charity (No.1073851).

Cafe Gallery was founded in 1984 with the mission statement “Access to Art for All”. Cafe Gallery and Dilston Grove now have a fully evolved Learning and Community programme which has grown with the local community to encompass shifting demographics, local Government policies, the interests of local people and the changing ways artists work with audiences.

Work with CGP 2003-2011

Corali Dance Company – A Slither & a Slice, commissioned performance celebrating 20th anniversary of Cafe Gallery Projects

Shibboleth the Show @ Dilston Grove

CGP 20 Year Anniversary Show – Southwark/Sarajevo

CGP – BAG exhibition and off-site performance including Meme the Opera, Bolted/UnBolted, A Cuppa Turkish, FoodFace3 & FaceFood 5, Trifle, Laughing Tea

Education Project

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