from Lost Prophets

Beirut  26 of September 2008

Ashrafieh, Pasteur Street, Center Dagher, 8th floor

Art, Music, and Performance.
Spiritual Promises from lost prophets, is a group show of international artists, to take place in Beirut, Lebanon.  The show was conceived by cosmicmegabrain collective after an invitation from the Beirut-based cultural association 98 weeks research project to take part with their upcoming project Beirut every-other-day, a series of workshops focusing on Beirut’s urban space and its lingering ruins.

London 16th of October 2008

Cordy House 87-95 Curtain Road, Ec 21 3BS

Spiritual Promises from lost prophets is a group show of predominantly London based artists that premiered in Beirut, Lebanon in September 2008. The intention of the show was to reproduce the atmosphere and flavour of an east-London cosmicmegabrain group show; but also to nurture a cultural exchange by feeding from the experience. As a result the show now includes works from emerging and established Lebanese artists.

Formed in late 2007, CosmicMegaBrain have curated and produced a series of innovative group art shows in the U.K. and abroad. CosmicMegaBrain promotes the fine arts in its diversity as a spectacle, exploring the dynamics of the interrelation between multi-disciplinary arts and new ways of audience engagement.
By collaborating with international artists and art groups, CosmicMegaBrain have a progressive approach to establishing and building on a system of cultural exchange. CosmicMegaBrain’s core nucleus is composed by Jesse Wade, Francisca Aires and Francesca Laura Cavallo.

We have a name, both ridiculous and profound, which in turn bestows upon us the qualities of ridiculous profundity, and simultaneously, profound ridiculosity.  To exist in and between these paradoxical realms is to benefit from the advantages of a permanent state of confusion, in which our hysterical paroxysms are neither of laughter nor of rage, but are indistinguishably both.

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