Inspiral London.


Inspiral London (Detours2 London) grows out of decentrederspace cultural and artistic experiments in Marseille (as part of 2013 European Capital of Culture); working on a novel project for London beyond 2014. This will be an ambitious public art project that hacks into existing footpaths and ways (such as London Circle, London Loop, the Thames Pathway, Green Chain etc.), but which primarily uses its own sense of spiralling out of into the City’s centrifugal force. It takes inspiration from a number of walking art projects including the work of Baptiste Lanaspeze and Iain Sinclair. For up to date information please visit here. It is also part of a network of anti-university, alternative educational and re-creational projects supported by counterproductions.

‘Inspiral London’ is a artist-led walking project to map an urban and semi-urban walking trail through London. Detours2 initial public events looked at ways of mapping, and thinking about, Urban Space as an other environment: the potential shape and direction of walking route/s; how we can see the city and use it in different ways; how we can encourage artistic/experimental/ecological approaches to, and other ways of being in and intervening in the city.

The original De/tours formed part of a yearlong exploration of Marseille-Provence 2013 (European Capital of Culture). As Europe entered a fifth year of crisis, Decentrederspace invited a number of international artists to contribute to a residency programme, based in Marseille. Work made by the artists included performances, situations and artistic research practices that responded to the idea of ‘European Capital of Culture’ from a marginal outside, and wholly foreign perspective. All these artistic interventions were offered as detours or digressions from the official Marseille-Provence 2013 Capital of Culture programme, creating temporary artistic insertions as cultural exchange, and as offerings in/to Marseille. In the publication ‘De/Tours – Artistic Journeys in, through and after Marseille-Provence 2013′ Decentrederspace has collected together the residues and memories of these artistic intrusions.

Charlie Fox Artistic Director counterproductions 2014

See also De/Tours in Marseille see and the GR2013 (National walking trail through Marseille/France) see:


Stopping to discuss the import and significance of the London Stone – Part 3 Inspiral London 18th October 2015 (led by Anne Robinson)


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