This Happy Band

This Happy Band – Formed by Daniel Lehan.

THIS HAPPY BAND – a collection of artists, musicians, performers and poets, adopt a style reminiscent of roving troubadours and travelling minstrels.
Lord Lehan acts as Circus Master introducing the performances of this fine collection of performers, as well as performing poetry and songs.

This Happy band have performed at The Barbican Centre, The South London Gallery, The Nunhead Festival, Brixton Market, Vyner Street, and as part of Dead Season Live Art Festival curated by Limbo Arts in Margate, Kent.

Members of This Happy Band include: Elaine Arkell, The Laughing Bear/Charlie Fox, Daren Callow, Tim Flitcroft, Calum F. Kerr, Daniel Lehan, less, Frog Morris, Pierrette Socobaz, Mr Solo, and His Majesty Rex Nemo.


A3, a monthly black and white poster publication has now ceased. Since April 2009 A3 presented the work of a large number and variety of artists and writers.
Their work, whether text or image, was hand written / drawn out by myself, establishing a unified, and intimate style to the publication.

Originally distributed at the 2nd Thursday Events curated monthly by Frog Morris at the Montague Arms, it was later stocked at Artwords Bookshop, Banner Repeater, Beaconsfield, BookArtBookShop, Camden Arts Centre, Donlon Books, Gasworks, The ICA, Nieves (Zurich), The Nunnery, Peckham Space, South London Gallery, Wiebke Morgan, Whitechapel Gallery, X Marks The Bokship and SHIFT.

A3 participated in the annual Publish and Be Damned Fairs, held in London. The June 2010 edition was produced in collaboration with the South London Gallery and featured stories and drawings made by children at the Charlie Chaplin Adventure Playground and the April 2011 edition was commissioned by Tate Modern to celebrate the screening of The Bigger Picture, a film celebrating the live and work of David Hockney.
Published Artists:
Elaine Arkell, Laughing Bear / Urban Bear, Matt Blackler, Sarah Boris, Daren Callow, Chloe Cooper, Josee Dubeau, Calum F. Kerr, Charlie Fox, Caroline Gregory, Robert Hope, Kelly Large, less, Iavor Lubomirov, Joanna McCormick, Jordan McKenzie, Gary Meynell, Frog Morris, Miranda Peake, Pepemo, Nicole Polonsky, Hannah Simons, Leila Sol, Hala Solly, Mr Solo, Veronika Spierenburg, Squid, Paul Stanley, Ana Laura Lopez De La Torre, Nous Vous, Nathan Walker, Daniel Wallis, and Charlotte Young.

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