Grunts for Arts


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“Who we are and what we believe

The hulking yet dainty entity known as Grunts for the Arts, made up of a multitude of interdisciplinary artists, has come together, operating with a collective hive intellect, in direct response to the manner in which grassroots activity is too often overshadowed by large-scale commercial projects and enterprise.

Always ready, whenever the call may come, their every action is guided by a passionate and heartfelt certitude in the value of holding up artistic and political phenomena to the inquisitiveness of the artistic mind, creating artworks and hybrid events both novel and accessible, inspirational and jollifying.

A dream lingers, wisplike, as the backdrop to all they do; a dream of a world populated by hybrid forms of art, where individuals and groups are thrust onto an unfamiliar common ground in which heightened experiences of artistry thrive.” (GFA communique)

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