Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School


Supernormal Super Sensory Summer School make a typically awe-inspiring return in what can only be described as a ‘Wood Henge’ structure, with everything from ‘post-human’ discourses to Kibbo Kift inspired ceremonial design and craft to get involved in. Join SSSSS on the field at the ‘Woodhenge’ for further Super Sensory workshops, talks and seminars including: thinking beyond the ‘human’, Spirit names and guides, ‘posthuman’ dis-courses, Playing with masks, exploring song & collective consciousness, Kibbo kift inspired design and making, mimicking the ‘natural’, ‘Prehistoric’ mind/thinking and SciFi adven-turers inspiring new worlds. SSSSSS will be joined by special guests , AAS, Annebella Pollen, and more artists tbc. At Supernormal 4-7 August 2016.